[Mountain View] Namaste Nepal- how do you eat a choila dish?

I came across this Nepalese truck parked at the Shell station at Shoreline/ ECR. Since I just ate a little at the Rose Market, I was just looking for a little snack.

And I found this chicken choila dish on their menu so I gave it a try. The taste was pretty good. Fiery, but with quite a bit of aromatic flavors. Came with semi-dry pieces of chicken, dry soybeans and rice flakes

The problem was, I couldn’t finish it at all, not because of the spice, but because the main components, chicken, soybeans, and rice flakes all required so much strenuous chewing that even with a healthy jaw I couldn’t chew my way through the dish over two days. Its much chewier than jerky.

Since this was the first time I ate choila, question is: in what occasion does one eat choila? And how much choila does one eat? Are choila all chewy?

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