[Mountain View] Caspian Restaurant- kabobs from Iran.

Caspian Restaurant is located in the same strip mall as Napoletana Pizzeria. It took over the Kabobs and Pupuseria space, renovated for 3 weeks and recently opened. I did a double take when I saw the restaurant for the first time. It actually looks quite pleasant now compared to the very basic decor that Kabobs and Pupuseria had.

The Iranian owners operated or operates a few restaurants in the past, including a steakhouse in Saratoga. The menu is fairly condensed and offers kabobs and the typical Mediterranean dips. The server really recommended the koobideh and the chicken thigh kabob (joojeh). So we got those. Nicely marinated, the meat was succulent and moist and came with a side of rice. According to the owner, they ground their own beef. I’d love to see a bit more veggies on the plate as the meat to rice ratio was quite high. The rice should be cooked for a shorter period of time. But overall the kabobs were quite enjoyable and I’d definitely come back for those.

They also brought some bread and dips for free to the table. I guess they were in opening mode. Counterclockwise from the bottom right- Iranian hummus, masto khiar (yogurt cucumber, mast-o-moosir (garlic), and tzatziki. They were all quite nice and I especially enjoyed the masto khiar. Refreshing.

Hopefully they can settle in and perhaps add some Iranian specialties over time. We tipped more for the dip.


A second meal was fairly similar to the first meal, though I liked the combo dip from the first meal better. Decent. Looks like they have pretty good business now.


Another meal. Looks like they carved out a niche of decent price with large portion since the combo dips / pita come to the table for free. And a plate of lamb shank came with two shanks. Works out to be a relatively economical meal for 4.

Chicken wrap

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