[Mountain View, CA] QBB Quality Bourbons and Barbeque


The chef of Quality Bourbon and BBQ has won a number of BBQ competitions in Silicon Valley so I decided to check out their new shop on Castro. Is good bbq possible in places like Castro Street in Mountain View?

The server recommended the ribs and the brisket. We got the pulled pork sandwich and the brisket. The brisket was a little dry and could be smokier. The meat plates come with pickled veggies, slice of white bread, the BBQ sauce. The sauce was alright.

The pulled pork sandwich came with maple butter. The pulled pork was slathered in a rather sweet Carolina? sauce. We picked the corn bread as the side. I thought the corn bread was better than the sandwich or the pork.

Looking at the trophies in the restaurant, apparently the chef won prizes in Silicon Valley BBQ competitions by making ribs. Duh. So I felt kinda stupid. Someone else will have to comment on the ribs.

They got a Southern Pride smoker in the kitchen. Better than the disaster that is South Winchester BBQ (everything dry), but in the valley, I still prefer Smoking Pig.

Perhaps come on days other than Sundays. The chef was off that Sunday. Dining room was half full.

Three pages of bourbons:

(tanspace) #2

The briskets were really dry and bad.

The ribs were better, but it was very burnt, similar to other photos I’ve seen on Yelp. I thought it must be a few bad ones, but apparently that is the normal style.

The unburnt part below the surface were nice and tender, but the majority of them are burnt and dry and hard, so I would not go back to this place again.


BBQ rib jerky eh? I guess the search for good bbq continues…