[Mountain View, CA] Good tacos at Mamacitas Tacos


Mamacitas Tacos is a taco truck stationed in the parking lot next to the Mountain View Target, right by Wheel Works.

Tacos are flavorful- with the meat well marinated/ cooked. Tortillas are heat/ griddled to provide a soft and moist texture with a little char and good aroma. Doublestacked. Liberal use of grease also adds to the flavors. Everything came out hot, which made a big difference. I ordered 8 different kinds of meat and they got some stuff that I didn’t order on there, so its harder to tell what’s what. But lengua and shrimp was good. Not big on the chorizo.

I haven’t tried but quesadillas have the option of handmade tortillas. Also saw tamale de puerco and tamale de elote available. Owner is from Puebla. They have tortas. Didn’t see cemitas.

Based on a limited sample, I prefer Mamacitas to Los Carnalitos in Redwood City. Mamacitas is also an appealing dining options in the cluster of generic chain and mediocre options in the immediately surrounding mall area. Plastic taken.

Taco trucks using handmade tortillas