Mount Vernon Somerville MA

It’s worth signing up for their email list or follow their FB page for the specials. So far I have had $12.99 Twin Lobster Special, Sunday AYCE brunch (12.99?) that includes prime rib and oysters and littlenecks plus the normal brunch dishes. Today I had their “Famous Stuffed Porkchop (11.99)” with a baked potato. Veggies were either peas or carrots so slaw it was. This was a big chop that wasn’t overcooked and was pink inside. The outside was a bit dry, so when you try to cut it, out comes the stuffing. There was a lot of stuffing and it was tasty and seasoned. The gravy was pleasant. The waitress said that the mashed is real, so if this comes up again, I’ll go for mashed with extra gravy. The place was almost empty for Saturday lunch. I had given up on this place until I was told about the private parking in the back. The seats in the booths in the bar area have seen better days. The dining room booths was fine.


Wow, still going. It’s been 30 years since I lived in Winter Hill and they had the twin lobster special back then.


They are now doing daily specials that are very reasonably priced. I had the Lobster Macaroni ($12.99) on Friday and it was absolutely fantastic. Yes, that’s half a tail on top. There was also plenty of lobster in the M&C , including tail meat. This was an incredibly rich and tasty dish. The redesigned website now includes the daily specials and new email sign up system. If you tried to subscribe and nothing happened, try again. Did you know that they opened in 1939?


I live just down the street and the pub was our community center back in the day when you could eat in. Really friendly servers, serviceable food. I’m trying to support our friends the servers by getting take out once a week. I’ve never tried the lobster mac and cheese, will!


Their daily low priced specials are now gone since they serve inside and outside now. I must say that I had a lot of excellent (and cheap) specials while it lasted. Special weekend menu Thurs-Sun.


Such a fun, crazy-cheap and classic NE old-school menu.

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Posted are just the specials. Their regular menu has similar items. I’ve lived half a block away since 2002 and we went regularly for drinks and to get out of the house after we adopted an older special needs child since it is so close by. They will probably resume the cheap daily specials after the July 4th weekend because they always had them pre pandemic. The food is mostly OK, not great, but the servers are really nice and have been our neighborhood friends for years. We get the lobster special a couple of times a year when the price comes down and take the carcasses home to make lobster stock. They probably will not resume their Sunday buffet brunch, however.


I cherish neighborhood places like this. They might not be fancy. They might not be destination-worthy.

Yet what a difference they make when our neighborhood spots are there for us with a nourishing plate, a comforting beverage, and a kind word.


Oh, also pre pandemic, they served popovers at dinner. Just like Anthony’s Pier 4 used to do! We’ve gotten take out at least once in week during the pandemic and haven’t gone for the patio dining (we might go just for drinks) or the indoor dining yet; seems too early for us personally to do that anywhere. But I hope they haven’t stopped the popovers!

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Today, July 7, the Mount Vernon has a $14.99 twin lobster special.


I went here a bit before everything shut down, and I totally got these. My entree was frankly kind of bad, but I thought these were a cool touch. My server was great, too.


Not a food destination. Except maybe the twin lobster specials. However, a wonderful community neighborhood destination. We keep it simple: turkey tips, sandwiches, the daily soup specials (pre pandemic) are OK. The roast beef sandwich is usually OK (sometimes kind of tough and chewy). My husband and son like the cheeseburger, and the popovers. The servers and bartenders are great.

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