[Mottram St Andrew, Cheshire] Bull's Head

(John Hartley) #1

A return visit for a quick one course lunch.

My companion in life broke our first rule of pub eating – never order the fish & chips unless the pub is in sight of the sea and it also has a reputation for good fish & chips (with thanks to PhilD). In the event, these weren’t bad at all. Decent sized portion of cod – not overcooked and with a crisp batter. Mushy peas that were peas and mushy. The “fat chips” were swapped for fries, as the lesser of two evils. Why can’t places serve chip sized chips?

And an advertised “pork trio” turned out to be an even better “pork quartet”. There’s pulled pork encased in a steamed suet pudding. And very long cooked braised cheek. And a slab of belly pork (disappointingly without crispy skin but rescued by serving a single shard of crackling). And the fourth bit of the quartet came from black pudding, interleaved with potato in a boulangerie style. There’s gravy, some baby carrots and kale.

Two good lunches