Mott Street Peking Duck

There are at least two places on Mott Street that offer Peking Duck. Any recommendations? Any deprecations? Thanks!

the importance of eating on mott st?

the importance of eating on mott st?

None whatsoever. But there are a lot of Peking Duck places there, and it’s close to our hotel.

Maybe you’d be better served by asking the Peking duck question more broadly for Chinatown… I haven’t eaten any in a while, but there’s often mention of it here and there on the various Chinatown and other NYC threads, so I’d guess you’ll get some suggestions and comparisons, even if they aren’t on Mott specifically.

Had Peking Duck at Hwa Yuan in May…I found the restaurant a bit tired. I liked Pinch a lot when I ate there (in the before pandemic times), but it’s in Soho. There, at least, you need to order your duck when you reserve a table. Never eaten at Decoy, but it might be a good choice (others weigh in?)…Please do let us know!

I miss Mot Street. That being said I am not well versed of duck (eat them, but do not claim to be an expert). Do you want regular roast duck or Peking duck? Many places which claim to have Peking ducks, simply make regular roast ducks.

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Peking duck at Pecking Duck house on Mott is not good. Used to be very good 10+ years ago. But it’s fatty and chewy in a not good way.

I like Pinch a lot. Decoy provides quite the feast to go with the prix fixe. The communal table isn’t my favorite setting though. I really miss Chinatown Brasserie. That was a great setting with very good duck.

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I remember Chinatown Brasserie. That was a great place.

Well, the problem of where to have Peking Duck on Mott Street has been solved. The cousins we went with suggested that we go to Jiang Nan on the Bowery. We did and it was excellent. I would say that it was the best Peking Duck we’d had in a long time, but we hadn’t had any Peking duck for a long time, so it was a given that it was the best. But it was extremely good. The other dishes we had were also excellent: Pork belly with mashed garlic, Cumin lamb on a sizzling platter, Sauteed crab meat with rice, House special fried vermicelli, and a mussel dish from the daily specials. We’ll definitely go there again the next time we’re in New York.


Photos from a meal earlier this year at the older Jiang Nan in Flushing:


Thanks for the write-up, @bcc! Sounds like a delicious meal!


Can we put this on our excursion list?

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Is it better than Hwa Yuan? It looks similar.

As I missed Hwa Yuan…

No, we never went there as a group. I’ve been there on my own, and was just curious.

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Only way to know is to try both, and I haven’t tried ether.

I wasn’t super impressed with Hwa Yuan, but the stuff I eat is not what they’re known for. I also thought it was way overpriced.

We only went to Hwa Yuan once since it re-opened & I guess that was more than 4 years ago. It was definitely way overpriced. The food was good, but I remember thinking that I was paying for reputation and presentation, more the plate than what was on it. Jiang Nan sounds like a better choice. If it’s of any interest, we’ll be back in town end of October :wink:

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All that black lacquer! I’m up for Jiang Nan.