Moti Mahal is no more

Hi all,

I know Moti Mahal was a favourite of quite a few people in Chowhound a while back, so thought I’d mention it’s now closed. Windows all papered up when I went by today.

I guess there are other a number of alternatives these days anyway!

I am genuinely distraught at your news.

That’s the worst closure, of places where I’ve eaten, that I can recall in recent years. It is probably the best Indian food I have ever eaten.

(EDIT: Delete the “probably” in the last sentence)

Sorry Harters. Have you been to Trishna? I really rated my meal there.

I haven’t been, but a lot of people also rave about Gymkhana?

Yes. Been to Trishna (and been to Lasan in Birmingham which I’d rate higher).

Ahh, I’m the opposite. I rated Trishna higher than Lasan! But I did go to Lasan alone, so couldn’t really explore the menu much.

Confession time…went to Moti Mahal a couple of times (driven on by Chowhound endorsements) but it never quite clicked with me. If I’m being honest I kinda preferred Mela down the road near Cambridge Circus. By no means the finesse of (e.g.) Trishna or, indeed, Moti Mahal but it is also half the price and still delivering an interesting menu. It occupies that slot when I fancy a curry that’s somewhere between Michelin Starred-Trishna at one end and Tooting Apollo Banana Leaf at the other.

No need to confess! I haven’t been to Moti Mahal myself, but I did enjoy Trishna. And I don’t really care for a number of places frequently cited on here/chowhound, and like some others don’t.

I’ve also never been to Mela so I just looked it up to give it a go. Google tells me it’s closed down too?

Damn- you’re right! The quest resumes for a decent mid-price, casual Indian in central London that you might get a table for 4 at (Hoppers is great but no chance of getting in with more than 1 or 2 people!).

Just take the plunge and go to Upton Park or East Ham - so much better than anything you can get in Central London!

I was also a little underwhelmed by Moti Mahal but it was a NYE special, so maybe a poor test. And I also used Mela as my stand-by curry in the west end. Its sad to see them both disappear.

That’s sad news indeed - it served its last meal on 14 Feb. No doubt Trishna’s got better food, but I do like Moti Mahal’s “blokesy” ambience. Even its Murgh Makhani suited my palate more than the original version at Moti Mahal in Old Delhi.

Try Raavi Kebab on Drummond St., Euston.

I’ve twice tried to have lunch at Raavi Kebab, following reccs for the kebabs on Chowhound, but have found it closed on both occasions. I’ll keep trying as it’s ideal for lunch after getting off the train at Euston.

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I will have to give Raavi a go. Each time I’ve been looking to curry-up in the area I’ve failed to make it past Roti King, being somewhat addicted to their crispy-soft rotis…

I too am a big fan of Roti King but Raavi is definitely worth a try. It’s decor makes Roti King look like the Wolseley but the kebabs are good , however I thought the beef curry was even better.

If you’re up for South Indian veggie. I went to Chutneys on Drummond St. a while back the dosa was so but I really enjoyed the chilli pander and the tarka daal.

Also not far is the Indian YMCA near Warren St. Station. It was a staple for lunch time midweek when I worked in Camden.The fish curries are really good as is the egg curry but they rarely have it on. Very good value but I’d advise getting there about 12 when it opens.

Chutneys do a decent enough veggie buffet at lunchtime. It’s been my fallback place when I’ve found Raavi shut.

Second this.