Mothers Day dinner — Quincy / Milton down to Hingham

I’m thinking Le Madeline might be fun, but I’m not sure what my aunt will make of it (or Pho So).

So I’m looking for some other choices to offer her. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but nice setting and delicious food would be a winning combination.

Any ethnicity.

Thank you!

Extremely dated info but 8 years ago Alma Nove in Hingham was a white tablecloth, reliably very good food and good service place that was my father’s favorite. I have not been back since he died but I ate many dozens of meals there BITD and was never disappointed.

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Thank you, that’s a family fave for us too.

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We’ve been to Alma Nove within the past 8 years @GretchenS @Saregama and I’d still recommend it. Mom lived at the Shipyard for 4 years and it was a solid fave for her, I am sure she enthuses about their garlic mash (I’m vegan now but I remember liking their fish/veg options back in the day).


Thanks for the input, everyone! Didn’t make it to dinner after all, but made up with a fabulous lobster roll the next day.

My weekend write-up is here:


Paul is a good guy. The food is pretty consistent.

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