Mostly Smoked: BBQ Inspired Eatery, Manalapan

I didn’t know about Mostly Smoked (located in the Home Fashion Center strip mall, on Route 9 North, in Manalapan) until my manicurist mentioned she’d eaten there recently. She said they had all the usual bbq “suspects,” and everything was excellent.

I Googled for a website. There is one, but when you click on the various heading, including “Menu,” they all say “Coming Soon.” Ergo, totally useless! What makes it especially egregeous is that they’ve been open since November 2022. I learned this when we went there last Wednesday. Since it’s only 5 minutes from our house, we decided to find out in person what they have and do take-out. They open at 3 p.m., which is about the time we usually have lunch, so we got there right after they opened. I did ask why the website was still not funtioning but didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

There is no printed menu only overhead menu boards. We ordered a half rack of ribs platter which comes with a choice of two sides, plus we added a third side. We picked cole slaw, mac & cheese, and burnt ends baked beans. From the many sauce options, I chose regular bbq while Mr. R. chose spicy bbq. When we got home, we discovered that little cups of pickles and pickled red onions were included.

The ribs were large (I think they’re St. Louis), extremely meaty, and very succulent. In short: perfection! While I prefer my cole slaw with mayo, this version was fine. The mac & cheese was excellent. We’ve never had burnt ends baked beans before. These are some seriously delicious baked beans with the burnt ends adding an additional flavor dimension. The pickles and pickled onions were crunchy and tasty.

For those of you dining indoors, the space is large, with pleasant decor and lots of tables.

We’re definitely adding Mostly Smoked to our regular take-out rotation.

Photo set on my Flickr is here: Mostly Smoked (Take-out) | Flickr


Thanks this is nearby for me .Pictures are helpful looking to drop by this week.

Thank you for this. Meant to try this place out also but with the lack of information from the web we never got around to try it. Anyway, how are prices? How much are they charging for that beautiful half rack rib platter ?

If you look carefully at the menu boards photo, you can see all the prices. The half rack of ribs with 2 sides is $23.95.

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Had lunch here today.
2 meat platter - brisket and ribs with baked bean and coleslaw as sides.
Dry rub wings
Everything was good.


Thats a lotta lunch. Id be unconscious.

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Lol, I shared with my wife but still semi-unconscious after that.