Most searched for chocolate types in advance of Valentine's Day

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Vegan chocolate? sure. I gues.


savages, the lot of them!!!


Def not most found chocolate !

For the most part this is my reaction as well; I have a definite preference for dark chocolate. But I do like the white chocolate made by Felchlin, in small quantities. I like to put a bit in hot chocolate made with whole milk and dark chocolate.


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I didn’t see Wyoming and vegan having anything in common.
Perhaps only Jackson Hole searched Google.

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If it’s a GOOD white chocolate with a high % of cocoa butter, OK.
But so much out there is “confectionary coating” or some other ersatz chocolate-like substance, which is pretty sad.

Also, only Connecticut is in on the search for milk chocolate? I thought that would be much more popular.

To be fair, 100% chocolate (or chocolates that are 100% cocoa) would be vegan.

So maybe those folks just like dark dark chocolate.

Like me :slight_smile:


I have had exquisitely good white chocolate from Neuhaus (part of a ballotin, i.e. not bar chocolate) that does not make me recoil. The good stuff is its own thing.

That said, I am aware there is some bad stuff floating around the mass produced sweets circuit.

What I’m surprised about: No one, not even Connecticut or RI or VT or one of those other tiny, wealthy states has Ruby chocolate on the list.

I feel like I’ve been hearing about it for the last 2-3 years, but even at most chocolate shops, I have yet to see it in the wild. I know lots of places have it online, but really, I just want to try a bite of it to see if it’s even worth bothering about…

I’ve had it. It’s quite intriguing–much fruitier than white chocolate. It’s certainly worth trying once.

On its own I find it somewhat acidic. I’ve used it in buttercream, where it’s pleasant, but not something I would go out of my way for. It’s also expensive.

Some years ago, I made MANY varieties of Amish Friendship Bread for a charity bake sale. I put out a tray of bite-size samples to encourage buyers. By far the favorite variety proved to be the Creamsicle flavor, made with orange juice concentrate and from Trader Joe’s, dried mandarin segments and (real) white chocolate chips. I was surprised the ones with dark chocolate didn’t disappear first, but possibly that’s because of the surfeit of brownies and CC cookies that others donated.

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most dark chocolates are vegan

People visiting Jackson, from outside Wyoming. :joy: