Most Posh Meat Pies (London)

Thanks Z, I do love a meat pie, especially this time of year. If you find a steak an kidney pudding list, don’t hesitate to post.

I have only just reconnected with steak & kidney puddings after many years absence following a vile coming together of mouth and gristle in a Hollands one from a chippy. Put me right off.

Local dining pubs now seem to make a thing of steamed suet puddings. One currently has steak & kidney on the menu but they ring the changes and I’ve had various bits of game in them. And it’s a nice thickish pastry…

We’re off to a new farmers market tomorrow. Pleased to see the Great Northern Pie Company has a stall. The website says they have four current offerings - minced beef & Bovril; chicken & stuffing; Lancashire cheese & onion; Cheshire cheese, apple & mustard. I think I see all four in my immediate future.