Mossuto's Market (and Restaurant), Wall

I was introduced to Mossuto’s long before I moved down here, and I’m surprised it’s not mentioned more often. I was there this afternoon for a late lunch and figured I’d at least report on the bargain they have available (until 4pm, iirc).

For $12 you can choose 2 items from their list, and for $15, you can have 3, which is what my friend and I each did. I had meatballs, broccoli rabe, and escarole/beans. She was advance-planning for leftovers, so she ordered the pork scarparello (sp?), a chicken-stuffed pepper, and the turkey meatloaf. I shared the escarole/beans with her. Their (comp) bread is excellent, as is the olive oil on the table. If we had one complaint, it’s that it was freezing in there; my assumption is that the oven wasn’t cranked for pizza making since there were only a few tables filled at that point. We’ve enjoyed their pizzas on other trips, and I recall that their soups are good.

It’s not always convenient to go, but every time I do, I’m reminded of how solid a job they do.


It’s been far too long since I last visited. Thanks for the reminder.

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I’ve been a fan of Mossuto’s since they were the A&S Deli at that location. They stated as strictly an Italian deli and slowly added the restaurant. My favorites are the sausage and beans, anything grilled and the Fat Lip pizza.

I see they have roasted bone marrow on the current menu. That I need to try soon.


Was here yesterday as the beach day was winding down and the family was hungry. Still early in evening and there was question where was good place to eat where they would sit before 5pm?
I then recalled Mossutto’s in Wall and the really positive reviews in this forum and elsewhere. I always wanted to try this place but never found myself in Wall. Much to my surprise its less than 10 minutes from beach!
Really interesting place…Bar /Butcher shop /Market / Restaurant
Had Burratta , artichoke and grilled calamari appetizers…all really well put together and fresh!
We shared 3 pies including the Fat Lip which was really good. The crusts were made to my personal liking …thin , mild char with a discernible chew factor hearty enough to hold the toppings. Mozzerella is fresh and sauce is tasty.
also shared a rigatoni bolagnese that was really good!
Finished it off with a couple of slices of ricotta cheesecake really good!

The atmospheric vibe was ideal for slightly sand and sun soaked family right off the beach . It seemed that among the different commercial ventures on the premises the Bar is front and center but I suspect they probably do a robust catering business.

Strong recommend…just order a lot of food if hungry …portions just a tad small.


Found myself here last night (after a very long absence) and had a really fun time. First off, the place was packed. I don’t know if it was a Wed night thing or an every night thing. They had an acoustic singer/guitarist on the market side who was quite good who apparently appears every Wed. Had no reservation and couldn’t get a table in the dining room, but was quite happy at a communal table on the market side., especially after a few Stellas for me and a few Chardonnays for her (good thing I had one of the kids along to drive!). The complimentary bread to start was pretty pedestrian, but it was livened up with a nice olive oil on the table. They were actively cutting steaks all night out of the dry age cabinet ($100 porterhouse for two, iirc), but when I ordered the bone marrow app to start none was available. Kinda strange. Entrees included a table side preparation of cacio e pepe with lots of black pepper and cheese, fettuccine with shrimp, cheese lasagna, a margherita pizza, and the winner of the night – pan seared Berkshire pork chop with vinegar peppers. Not quite as large a serving as the pork chop at Semolina in RB, but oh so good. Service was very friendly, if not entirely attentive. Overall, the place just had a good vibe and that really enhanced the night.