Mossuto's Market (and Restaurant), Wall


I was introduced to Mossuto’s long before I moved down here, and I’m surprised it’s not mentioned more often. I was there this afternoon for a late lunch and figured I’d at least report on the bargain they have available (until 4pm, iirc).

For $12 you can choose 2 items from their list, and for $15, you can have 3, which is what my friend and I each did. I had meatballs, broccoli rabe, and escarole/beans. She was advance-planning for leftovers, so she ordered the pork scarparello (sp?), a chicken-stuffed pepper, and the turkey meatloaf. I shared the escarole/beans with her. Their (comp) bread is excellent, as is the olive oil on the table. If we had one complaint, it’s that it was freezing in there; my assumption is that the oven wasn’t cranked for pizza making since there were only a few tables filled at that point. We’ve enjoyed their pizzas on other trips, and I recall that their soups are good.

It’s not always convenient to go, but every time I do, I’m reminded of how solid a job they do.



It’s been far too long since I last visited. Thanks for the reminder.

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I’ve been a fan of Mossuto’s since they were the A&S Deli at that location. They stated as strictly an Italian deli and slowly added the restaurant. My favorites are the sausage and beans, anything grilled and the Fat Lip pizza.

I see they have roasted bone marrow on the current menu. That I need to try soon.