Morning Wood [San Bruno, California]


For all of you who are giggling at the name… it probably was on purpose. Their restaurant picture features a rooster… And well, I was convinced to try out the place due to the sheer amusement I received from the name.

We decided to check this place out on the weekend (bad idea), and smartly arrived fifteen minutes prior to it opening (bad idea).

Yep! That’s the line on a Sunday fifteen minutes before it opened. We waited two hours in that line… Was it worth it… … eh… … no. At any rate, the menu!

Price wise, the items are on the higher end, but the food is an interesting combo. I guess the best way to describe it would be a hipstery version of Hawaiian food with a slight edgy tone of sorts (I am bemused by the names).

Our first dish was a shared appetizer of sorts, the crack potatoes. Probably not filled with cocaine but I went back repeatedly to eat chunks of molten hot taters. Pretty much crispy house potatoes with a slight hint of the green onions.

Next up, I got the loco moco with kalua pork rather than the traditional patty. I would say that this was pretty much what you would expect. Topping the nice brown gravy were nicely cooked sunny side up eggs. The pork rather fell apart and was delicious for the most part (I just had one last side chunk of well… fat which isn’t my first choice of chewing).

Friend tried their kohala midnight which is their version of a black seasame mochi pancake with matcha sugar placed on top. The pancake was excellent in terms of sweetness (not too sweet). The pancake itself was a little less chewy than what you would expect from something that was called mochi, it wasn’t as fluffy either, but mm… I’d say texture-wise is more of a dual nature where the exterior was crispy and the interior was softer–quite lovely. Taste wise, the pancakes reminded me of well… black seasame. If anyone ever ate the black seasame ice cream or had those Chinese dessert soup of black seasame, its that flavor profile. The matcha sugar was a nice touch, I found the maple syrup on the table tends to overpower the taste of the pancake and I don’t quite recommend that.

Overall, I think Morning Wood is a great breakfast addition to the San Bruno area if you’re interested in a Japanese fusion take on breakfast (if you want more traditional options, probably Milbrae House of Pancakes would be a better choice and the line is… shorter… not by too much). Is it worth going though on the weekend? No.

My suggestion, get there early on a weekday before it opens and pray you don’t need to wait.



This place has been on the radar for a while but I haven’t gotten a chance to go yet because of the wait. I forgot where I saw the piece, but there’s an article that says that they’d rather take the time to cook the food right, than to rush through the cooking and reduce the wait.

Hipstery version of Hawaiian food? Any resemblance to the Aina brunch?



Food looks interesting, but no way in hell would I stand in line for 2 hrs for anything let alone breakfast. Wood or no wood

Never have I been impressed enough with places with long waits to want to wait a second time.



Huh, I’ve actually was never even aware of Aina lol. I don’t normally head towards the dogpatch ever, but mmm I might go try it next time (hopefully they don’t have long lines…). But I meant hipstery in the sense that every cup is actually a mason jar, their napkins are uh… paper towels (I’m not even sure this is cost effective), and the naming scheme just seems to be double entendre or well… innuendo. The food itself seems to have a little upscale blending of a few things so I guess I should’ve just made it a hipstery Hawaiian fusion style restaurant rather than hipstery food.

Yeah, I probably won’t be going back anytime soon. Just tried it cause I saw a line out the door when I was driving down El Camino and curious at what the hubbub was about. Friend had breakfast there on a weekday and got there roughly 20 minutes or so before it opened and sat down maybe half an hour after it started.




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Hey, that’s only one hour. Much better than my two hour wait…

Note, there’s a clipboard where you put your name down in the front. I’m sure some people just write something down and come back if they live nearby lol.

But yeah… don’t recommend waiting. I’m hoping the hype dies down, but there really aren’t any brunch spots like this around San Bruno. I think Jack’s is a little more towards traditional fare. Other things around that serve pancakes and the likes would be iHOP, Mibrae House of Pancakes, and mm… maybe Carol’s?



Never really understood the whole going out for brunch thing. How hard is it to do eggs and breakfast potatoes



Honestly, not hard. Though the other dishes are a little harder to do. I normally don’t carry the ingredients for a black seasame mochi pancake so that’s different. The pulled pork would take a little longer preparation. Eggs and potatoes though, relatively simple. I presume most people go out of their way to use brunch as a good early drinking exercise, but Morning Wood doesn’t serve alcohol at the moment.



I do. The sky’s the limit for a morning drink. And have pulled pork in the freezer and home made lox. I do understand I’m not the average joe and glad


(Kathy Ramsey) #10

We tried to go a couple of weeks ago, timing it with their opening for the day. Saw the giant crowd and said “hell nah.” Lately we’ve been opting for the close-by Wat Buddhapradeep on Sundays. We had lunch at 'aina a few weeks ago. Portions are a bit small IMO. Yes, there are big lines on the weekend.

The BA brunch scene gets to be a bit much. I am not waiting for two hours, EVER.



Haha, I agree on that. I waited in that line mainly cause my friend wanted to go. Also there weren’t too many close options that we wanted to try. I think weekdays if you ever have a free one would work.



Apparently they just opened up a branch in the Castro.