Morels at Costco (Richmond)

I bought an 8oz clamshell of Morels at the Richmond Costco for $7.99. The mushrooms were of various sizes and all in quite good shape. They were very tasty and made my wife and myself feel luxurious.

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WOW!!! Gotta check THAT out. Not Richmond but hopefully others out west will have also.

We just got some yesterday too, how did you cook yours?

Was disappointed that they didnt have local salmon.

Not OP but I’m very picky about cooking morels so I’ll speak up also :slight_smile: I cut them in half lengthwise, saute in butter with s&p and eat. Period.

I’m thunderstruck. I would be all over that if the Tucson Costcos ever had them.

I have never seen morels at my Costco. Where in the store do you find them?

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I’m betting the walk-in cause I find chanterelles there in season.

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Yes, they were in the walk-in near other mushrooms. They were delicious and flavorful, ended up cooking them with fresh pasta, cream and garlic.

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Your post drove me to Costco on a Sunday (normally avoid it like the plague on Sunday) but sadly no morels here in the Boston area (waltham) but was exciting thinking there might be.

I will be checking the Everett store this week. Will report back if there is a sighting.

What isle were they in? I’ve been told I need better morals.


I did indeed find them in the vegetable walk-in. Normally I cook morels very simply. Melt butter, soften minced shallots, add mushrooms and cook them until the water is expelled and then cooked mostly off. This time, after the butter and shallot treatment, I put them on top of some boiled potato slices in a baking dish, added a little white wine, put some ling cod fillets on top, topped those with fresh bread crumbs, drizzled with melted butter and baked in a 400 oven until the fish was done. Pretty tasty. And there was chopped fresh thyme in there as well. I almost always use thyme with mushrooms.

Sadly, there were no morels at Richmond today.

Thanks for reporting, I was tempted to go back to get more. Im not surprised they sold out over the weekend. The previous trip about two weeks ago we got the last package of black cod, it was under $15/lb. This is only our second year of membership and we are getting better at treasure hunting in the produce/meat/seafood sections.

Quite a few at Redwood City (Calif) two days ago. In the walk in

They have morels today. Not many boxes left though.

Morels at Costco Novato today.

Just bought a carton at the Foster City Costco. They’re in the back fridge room with the other veggies, along the back wall. There were a lot of cases of cartons left. Pack date 06/02/16.

Still no morels on the East Coast. I have looked several times.

At SF store this morning. Same price.