More than Q Barbecue Moving from Stockton to Lambertville

More than Q Barbecue, which has been a fixture of the Stockton Market for several years, is moving to Lambertville in August or early September. At the old location, they were only open on Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday. At the new one they will be open six days a week with dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Some will know that More than Q is the successor to Mighty Quinn, which started life in Stockton but then moved to NYC and Clifton, NJ. In my opinion, the food at More than Q surpasses what is offered at MQ. Fortunately for me, both Stockton and Lambertville are an easy drive from where I live. :grin:

Will they be offering pork ribs at the new spot? They only had pulled pork in Stockton.