More love for S&I

Just wanted to take a moment to say what’s up everyone and I’m happy people seem to be trickling in from CH. I don’t post there anymore.

S&I was closed last week for some flagrant health violations (details on the city website) and I visited them shortly after re opening this week. The owner lady was there, which us unusual. Food was as good as ever, had prik khing moo krob and that enormous crispy basil duck breast. They were swamped with takeout pad Thai orders, seems like the closure didn’t hit them too hard.

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Hey, I recognize that logo! Good to hear about the food still being stellar at S&I. The violations were pretty scary so let’s hope they can keep their act together. It would be so sad if they closed.

Yeah, I was a bit surprised (and upset) about the health code violations, but I’m glad to hear that they’ve fixed everything, and that they are still good. I didn’t tell my wife they were closed, as she’d not ever want to get food from them in the future, and I love it too much to stop ordering there.

It’s my favorite Thai place but I am concerned. Going to keep going but watch closely. I’ve recommended it so many times that I would feel personally responsible if someone got ill as a result of poor sanitation at S & I.

If you’ve ever peaked into that back room, you wouldn’t be surprised by this at all.
Having said that- thanks for letting us know that they’re open again, I’m craving their Thai BBQ chicken…violations and all.