more love for pennypackers in davis square

there are two sandwiches on the menu for the next several weeks that are not to be missed:

the fried chicken sandwich combines a fried, boneless thigh with smoked ham, rhubarb jalapeno relish, bibb lettuce on a buttermilk biscuit.

and a grassfed ribeye sandwich with mushrooms, roasted garlic butter, preserved citrus gremolata, and fried shallots

both are available as a half sandwich at $5-$5.50.


Good lord, that ribeye sandwich sounds amazing!

These sandwiches sound like they are in the vein of some of their porchetta variations which were frankly too heavy and rich for me. I’m not a dainty eater and still suck down a large steak and cheese or Italian sub, full porterhouse, etc. on occasion. However I have had a few Pennypackers experiences where I was filled with actual regret. The sandwiches were certainly delicious, but there was something so rich and fatty about it that I might have undone the meal if I could.

A great fried chicken sandwich probably doesn’t need ham AND a buttermilk biscuit. Maybe one or the other, but both just seems gratuitous. Ditto for the rib eye, butter and fried shallots.

I’ve only been to their location in Magoun Square. Did they open a new location in Davis, or is that one of their food truck stops?

my bad – i meant magoun. i was heading to davis after i had the sandwich.

re the richness: that’s why i’m so glad they’re now offering half sandwiches.

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Pennypackers is fantastic. Their salads and home made pickles are great also.

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