More detail in region descriptions

It may be someting you already have planned but just haven’t gotten to it yet, but clearer description of what the regional boards encompass would be appreciated. The Vegas and Southwest board includes what states?

Thanks for the website, btw.

Indeed this is something on the to-do list. It is vague right now also because I am still setting up new boards so the definition changes all the time.

I’d say, for now, the Vegas and SW board contains anything east of California, west of TX and south of the mountain states.

Thanks. The southwest and the mountain states are my stomping grounds, so I was just wondering where the boundaries were going to fall. It sounds like you do intend to add a mountain states board, so that should clear things up. CH had some strange geographical placements for a while before they had both a Southwest and a Mountain States board.

Yeah I think its kinda weird to lump mountain states like Montana with Southwest. One potential alternative option, if low traffic is concern, is to lump UT and CO with SW. and put the rest with Pacific Northwest.


Low traffic is definitely a concern for Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. I wouldn’t have a problem with those states being included in a regional board with Vegas and Arizona. There’s actually quite a bit of tourist flow in those areas, so it does make some sense to put them together.

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ok, let’s do that for now, and see how well that works. thanks!