More Chowhound Shenanigans

Her last post was a month ago. Make of that what you will.

I posted a link to a Yelp page when a new poster asked for a rec. and got this email. Looks like they’re adding some functionality, though a Yelp link gets you to the map on the review page anyway)

Those maps are pretty much the dictionary definition of “good idea, bad execution.” In a perfect world (i.e, one designed by me), clicking on a restaurant marker would bring you to a) the restaurant’s website or b) a search page of Chowhound posts that mention the restaurant. Instead, you get…the restaurant’s address. It’s now incumbent upon you to do the rest of the heavy lifting: menu, phone number, reservation link, directions. If I have to look up all that on my own, it’s likely I’ll come across the address anyway. I suppose if your only question is “which of the restaurants I mentioned is closest to my house?” the map is of some use to you. But under what other circumstance is it an improvement over googling the name of the restaurant?


The note I got was pretty snotty too. They do (slowly and eventually) remove the spam, but the ones they choose to leave up baffle me.

I felt bad for Marssy too at the beginning, til she got into shill posts and deleting things at random.


I find the moderation to be pretty consistent before and after the change* except for the new regime’s propensity to lock threads, which has gotten sort of hilarious. “We’re not talking about that anymore. Or this. That either. Just shut up already. Stop posting. No, keep posting, just don’t post any questions we don’t feel like answering.”

*Chowopause? Chow-o-PAWS? Because hounds have paws? Get it? Get it? (I’ll see myself out.)


I posted this on another thread earlier today…

I found the indirect reference of what we are doing here quite flattering.


I got a chuckle out of it myself!

I always want to know what my friends had for breakfast. Seriously. th e only thing I like better is when people break up on FB. :slight_smile:


With all the political crap of late, I wish people were posting pics of their food.


Time suck is right :unamused:

TBH, I can barely keep up with the posts in my WFD group over on FB. Hard to believe some of our members have full-time jobs!

But they’re a fun crowd and many have become (not just Fb) friends.

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To be perfectly honest that is why I’m so on/off again with the group. There are so many posts (Like the WFD Threads here) it blows up my notifications and I have a hard time keeping up and clearing them all. There are a lot of people VERY interested in what we have for dinner!! (Better that than politics though!!!)

Hope all is well Lingua!!

Wincountrygirl, they took down my link to this website which appeared before your comment.

I just checked and my comment is still there. Maybe because I did not put a link?

Since they obviously lurk in this thread, maybe we should keep saying that someone left a link somewhere on CH and send them on a wild goose chase. Lol!


Just noticed this topic there:

CH seems to be getting a very large proportion on new posters who often seem to be fooling around more than serious… or at least appear to have no idea what a discussion board is for. Then the mods decide to lock the topic, in this case saying it’s getting “unfriendly” when a quick read shows it to be more like it’s just going nowhere.

The other day I jumped back in to a veryold topic about what a term meant. I wound up in something of a “disagreement” with a first time poster who went off on me as baiting him. Turned out I had misunderstood his/her point. Went back to apologize but no response. The boards are more and more VERY sparse with any topics I feel like investing time in.

Was that thread moderated? I only see one “unfriendly” post, but even that person had a point, the topic is so vague it’s almost impossible to give a relevant response. I don’t even check in there once a week anymore…I haven’t posted anything in well over a month I would say, if even longer. No point.

Jesus, the CH Mods think THAT is an unfriendly post? LOL They’ve tightened the definition of “unfriendly” by a measure of about 100x, IMO, if that’s the case.

And that was a definite drive-by “baiting” post - something totally nonsensical (“I’m hungry; I don’t cook; I don’t have anything in the cupboards; I don’t have any money…what do I DOOOOOO???”

And rather than delete the user entirely and the thread, the Mods allow the dumb-ass post to stay up, and then call those who responded to the dumbass “unfriendly” for simply trying to elicit additional information from the dumbass poster.

The CH Mods are the dumbasses, in this case.


No indication that the topic was flagged. Could have been. Just one more drive-by dumb topic. Lots of junior high types out there finding CH due to its current strategy I guess.

Looks like I was ahead of my time there…

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