More Chowhound Shenanigans

I clicked on last night just for fun . A reply to Bill Hunt ( I wish he was on Ho ) nine year old post about Root Beer and got a recent reply . I have a old reply to me about pissing off a server . I can’t reply at all . So does the CH crew explain to the new poster why the OP can’t reply ?

Are you saying that Bill replied? Well, good to know he’s around. Over the year and a half I’ve been BFLd I’ve had questions asked of me. Nothing happens. No different than if someone just didn’t reply.

No Bill did not reply . Just a new sign up from CH expecting a reply from B.H. It’s just a bad product for CH to keep on these whatever the …

Sister, please. Observers don’t use language like “carrying their water” or “North Korean-style snitching protocol” or “The King Is Dead.” You do know that your prior posts are still up, right?

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Sure we do.

I was thinking about that. The banana board was a hoot. I was going to see if it was there but I never got around to it.

Allow me, please, to choose sides… I will have oven roasted asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes, fried apples, honey glazed carrots, the Wild Arugula with lemons from Marea, and Pommes Aligot from Minetta Tavern.


Excellent choices!

I just saw this post there and had to share. Really? You don’t know what to do with leftover garlic? BTW - what is LEFTOVER garlic?

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It’s garlic you chopped and didn’t end up needing. Also, leftover parsley is parsley you chopped and didn’t end up needing, in case that was your next question.


We’re going to Copenhagen later this year, I took a look at CH. Pretty much nothing new has been replied to in about six months.

Frankly, there’s a dearth of Chowhounds anywhere outside the United States. Eventhough I’m Singaporean, I became a Chowhound during the time I was working in Oakland, CA, a decade back.

I once posed a question about dining possibilities in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second-largest city and main seaport on Chowhound, and ended up populating the thread myself.

Agreed. CH never showed any interest in cultivating local interest in its “foreign” boards. As such, it means most are really just places where Americans ask other Americans to tell them where to eat, based on where previous Americans had told them.

I first came across it when researching for a holiday in America and sort of stuck around. I regarded posting about my meals in northwest England was a kind of payback for the information I’ve gleaned for that and subsequent trips - even though it is extremely rare for an American tourist to venture to my region. In fact it seems rare for an American tourist to venture outside of central London. In its day, the egullet UK board was always more useful than Chowhound because, although there was a much smaller number of regular contributors, they were almost exclusively fellow Britons and, indeed, were eating all over the country.


That’s interesting because, while perusing the CH Latest feed the last few times, it seemed to me that there were more posts from outside the US than I recall from before the changes. That may be because of a general dearth there. I’d thought it could have been from a siphoning off of mostly US active posters to the new boards. I don’t travel much these days, so I’m mostly interested only in SoCal and SF Bay Area specifics and in interesting food/wine discussions. It seems clear that those areas (at least the regional stuff) are more active here and on FTC.

I think it depends on the region.

In Canada chowhound is pretty strong and in Quebec egullet has been dead for years.

Message boards tend to be living things. All it takes is a couple of fellow greybeard interacting together and new blood coming in to ask questions and staying because they found interesting information or they felt some of their feedback were useful.

That new blood becomes the new greybeards.

Where chowhound moderators are concerned I do agree I rarely interacted with one. It doesn’t matter one way or the other. I know publicities and troll posts gets cleaned though so there is some presence.

by the by – Bill Hunt used to be on TripAdvisor – I’d sent him a PM some time ago, but no response.

I looked a few days ago, and his account is now gone.

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Maybe he got lost in his vast wine cellar.


Brilliant! In a Melvillian sense, is Marcella like a Penguin to Jake?

By co-incidence, only the other day, I was searching TA for some information on New Orleans and there was a comment on their forum from Bill

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