More Chowhound Shenanigans

Hi, Cath:

I wonder if Steve, a/k/a “Nothing’s Really Changed”, is still there. Oh, wait, he’s still carrying their water in the humor that made him famous:

I confess I have been responding to some threads there. My sense is that even the greybeards who stayed loyal to CH aren’t posting new threads–they just respond to the newbs who can’t/won’t use the search function.

Another funny thing that’s happening is that many threads there go seriously OT–as in, “Hey, this profiteroles thread is great, anyone have a tajine?” I find this deliciously ironic, given CH’s prior merciless pursuit and removal of ANY OT subject, humorous aside or tangential reference. Either no one’s following their North Korean-style snitching protocol, or CH has decided a click is just a click after all.

The King Is Dead. Long Live the King!



Kaleo, he’s one of the original as he’ll tell you, back when you could have a screen name of Steve. We actually met him for lunch in DC a few years ago. (Arguably one of the best Ethiopian places there.) Obviously he’s stuck in the past, unable to move on. I see Melanie Wong is still there.

I always thought Melanie owed her loyalty to certain staff at CH. Maybe San Francisco friends.

Ask her. I would hate to see this board devolve into gossip about people who choose to post on Chowhound.


Don’t look at me :slight_smile:

Looks like things are moving in that direction, which I think is very unfortunate.

I do both. And “stayed loyal to CH”? Seriously? Are we supposed to take sides, now?


Ask her yourself. I don’t want to pry. Melanie’s always been civil to me. Knowledgeable yet approachable.


At least as far as the two ‘just now’ references here, I don’t see “devolving” at all. Curiosity was my only thought.

I know some post on two or more sites. I don’t really see why but I’m old with a limited amount of patience :slight_smile:

Hi, small:

Actually, a lot of folks have chosen sides. Some exclusively. Melanie’s one. Just a fact, no judgment.

I still have a toe in the water over there, but I have a lot more fun here.


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Only on one of the “sides” - this one. I have yet to see anyone on Chowhound trying to drive a wedge between that site and Hungry Onion in the way that you are. There’s room for both.

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.[quote=“catholiver, post:10, topic:4321”]
I know some post on two or more sites. I don’t really see why

In my case, it’s because there are many more Manhattan-centric posts on Chowhound - still - than there are here.

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The wedge to which you refer was driven by CH itself, methinks. I’m but an observer. I observe, for instance, that Sampson listens and tries. CH management just blows smoke up dresses.

And there is a class of Hound that is immune to HO, just as there are Onions who will never return to CH. That’s all I meant by choosing sides.

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I clicked on last night just for fun . A reply to Bill Hunt ( I wish he was on Ho ) nine year old post about Root Beer and got a recent reply . I have a old reply to me about pissing off a server . I can’t reply at all . So does the CH crew explain to the new poster why the OP can’t reply ?

Are you saying that Bill replied? Well, good to know he’s around. Over the year and a half I’ve been BFLd I’ve had questions asked of me. Nothing happens. No different than if someone just didn’t reply.

No Bill did not reply . Just a new sign up from CH expecting a reply from B.H. It’s just a bad product for CH to keep on these whatever the …

Sister, please. Observers don’t use language like “carrying their water” or “North Korean-style snitching protocol” or “The King Is Dead.” You do know that your prior posts are still up, right?

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Sure we do.

I was thinking about that. The banana board was a hoot. I was going to see if it was there but I never got around to it.

Allow me, please, to choose sides… I will have oven roasted asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes, fried apples, honey glazed carrots, the Wild Arugula with lemons from Marea, and Pommes Aligot from Minetta Tavern.


Excellent choices!

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold