More Château Angelus, Mr. Bond?

From the drinks business: Bond may be known for Martinis and Bollinger, but Right Bank estate Angelus is apparently his new preferred drink on trains.

Have you tried Angelus yourself Jason. I’m not a big Bordeaux drinker but I do like Ch Angelus. There is a great restaurant in London called Angelus with some super vintages of the wine and some great French bistro food. The last time i was there I had a great bottle of Les Gravieres Santenay and a epenots Pommard i live in Burgundy and I’m slightly biased

a) It occurs to me I haven’t had a bottle of Château Angelus since it was called “Château Angelus.” OTOH, I had it a great many times when it was still Château **L’**Angelus. Then again, I don’t drink much Bordeaux these days – save what’s still in my cellar. Too bloody pricey!

b) How I would love to be able to say that! Of course, Burgundy is also outrageously priced these days, but I truly adore the reds from the Côte de Beaune, especially Savigny-les-Beaune, Beaune, and Pommard . . .


Slightly diverging from the topic, and realizing I run the risk of sounding like a Mom’s basement-dwelling fan-geek, I needed a place to vent. I saw Spectre yesterday and, although I enjoyed it, I almost cried when 007 ordered a dirty vodka martini. Regardless of whether there is a god, some things are just unholy!

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