Mooyah- larchmont

They finally opened. Tried it today and was amazed how many kiddies were running rampant,then found out no school this week- explains that. First noticed several tables were not cleared and there seemed to be alot of unfinished burgers sitting on the tables. Ordered a single w/cheese and some toppings and fries and drink. Prices were probably not much lower than Shake Shack,but the quality- ain’t there. What emerged was a crunchy exterior and dry gray meat. The exterior was crunchy enough that I thought there might be bacon on the burger-no such luck.Fries were cooked well but pretty flavorless,had to add salt.The coke was fine however. Don’t think I’ll even give it a 2nd chance.Finally,I use a walker now and the only table I could grab still had 1/2 meal sitting there,servers kept going right by me,I finally practically tackled one and asked him to clear the table,in his defense he thought it was my finished meal,despite my pushing it to the other side of the table and leaving the serving # on the tray and prominently displaying my # ,all I can say is bring back Cooks

Wow, Rich. That sounds truly awful!!!

Oooph. Thanks, rich.

I’ll pass.

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