Monument Inn Upcomig Houston


This is meant for Jaymes and any lurkers thinking of meeting.

What follows is a little bomber talk for my buddy Jaymes.

Due to possible deteriorating weather over target MI at 16 June 1400 hours the mission may be scrubbed with a diversion to the alternate Fountainview Fish Market which also could be canceled resulting in a milk run to a nearby Chinese restaurant unless we are socked in.

The decision will be made by Bomber Command made up of myself and The Wifeacita and since I’m a bird colonel and squadron commander and she a mere Second Lieutenant, well…

Reschedule will have to wait until fall as I have a three week notice to request weekend leave and the water will be too freaking hot for oysters and we’re already a fair bit outside the envelope.

Keeping an eye on the Gulf and while the NHC doesn’t expect vigorous tropical development remember Harvey was forecast to cross the Yucatan and break up over Mexico.

(Lamb Owner) #2

Imagine the distress of the damsel to be wed on Saturday that prevents my attendance. Outside. In Florida.

Let that be a lesson to all who plan an outdoor wedding on the Gulf Coast in summer.


We got married in 2007 and the Wifeacita along with many others were eyeballing a 07/07/07 wedding.

We had an outdoor wedding at a ranchita in between Hallettsville and Shiner and although I was squadron Exec and a major far outranking her as she was in OCS I recommended late October and left the decision to her.

She went with late October and everyone was happy, her family, my family, the gracious host and her local redneck friends, their words not mine.

Being a weather geek I kept an eye on the sky and it was one of those summers where it poured every day for about 6 weeks stopping just before 07/07 with temps going back to 95.

That would have been nice, heat, humidity, mud, and mosquitos.

At least the host and her cows were happy as they had fresh grass and she didn’t have to buy hay.

(Lamb Owner) #4

Very good Major Ostiones! We were at another wedding on 11/11/11. I may start a wedding cake thread!


So you’re not on a weather hold. You’re diverting. And then TDY rest of summer.
Sierra Hotel.


Monument Inn is scrubbed especially after what happened today when a severe thunderstorm blew up out of nowhere soaking Spring Branch with over two inches in almost no time on 30 percent rain chances.

This is according to my trusty online Harris County Rainfall map which also shows the prairie of East San Antonio where you are got nada.

So, with all this tropical moisture streaming in from the Gulf and increasing rain chances I’m not risking a trek to La Porte, we’ll be lucky to do fried oysters and catfish at Fountainview Fish Market.


Another good reason not to go, it’s Father’s Day weekend. It’s gonna be a zoo unless people have to swim to get there.