Monument Inn Houston

Houston, or Deer Park, or the real address La Porte, another mushrooming suburb spreading it’s tentacles everywhere.

We came up the scenic southern route through miles of chemical plants and then the Battleship Texas guarding everything within reach of its 14 inch guns and across the street the San Jacinto Monument marking Texas’ victory and independence from Mexico in 1836.

The restaurant is on the shores of the Houston Ship Channel just up the road from the ship and monument. We did see two ocean going ships and tons of barge traffic.

We went July 3rd and anticipating a big holiday crowd we got there at noon securing a window table.

They start you with a salad that tastes like it came out of a bag from Kroger, lettuce, red onion, and one miserable cherry tomato and a flavorless dressing, if you have bunnies at home I suggest the salad should go straight to a bunny box.

They have a splendid bread basket with cinnamon and yeast rolls made in house that scream for real butter. Next time we’ll bring our own, yes we do that.

We started with an app of fried oysters in corn meal, go figure. They were delicious, yes I know it’s not a good time for them but I’ll eat them cooked.

The Wifeacita got the fried catfish, shrimp, and oysters with vegetables, the theme here is stick with fried seafood although the boiled shrimp at other tables looked good.

I, on the other hand got the blackened flipper dolphin or mahi mahi mainly to try the crawfish etouffee topping which was excellent. The fish was way overcooked, I started with the thin stomach portion and figured the thicker part would be less overdone but it wasn’t. I should have tried both parts instead of waiting and send the whole thing back for some oysters.

We’ll be back sticking with the fried except the onion rings which were a 2.75 upcharge, they were large, and cold.

There was a big line when we left.


We had a college classmate who called anything based on cold lettuce “rabbit food”. He brooked no discussion; in his favor were kitchen skills with Beef Wellington and chocolate eclairs, not forgetting to mention those displayed in surgical theatres.

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