[Montreal] Liverpool House

Liverpool House, in the Little Burgundy neighborhood of Montreal, is part of the Joe Beef group of restaurants run by Frédéric Morin, David McMillan and Allison Cunningham. I couldn’t get a reservation to Joe Beef (it’s quite difficult), so I went to Liverpool House instead. It’s right next door to Joe Beef and serves similar cuisine.

I ate at the bar. This is what I had for dinner:



I forget what type of oysters these were but they were good. Came with mignonette and cocktail sauce.

Foie gras breakfast sandwich (C$25)

Slightly similar to the dish “plogue à Champlain” I had at Au Pied de Cochon a few nights prior, and very good but not quite reaching the heights of the Au PdC dish. In an English muffin, a hunk of foie, some Canadian bacon, a fried egg, and cheese. Topped with a hollandaise sauce and sitting in a pool of maple syrup.

Newfoundland cod & salsa verde (C$36)

I had originally intended to order the famous lobster spaghetti that this restaurant shares with Joe Beef (and that Obama once ate with Justin Trudeau), but my server talked me out of it and suggested I maybe try something lighter like the cod instead. This was a very good piece of fish. Flaky and nicely done, with a crispy skin. Nice light vegetables and sweet cannelloni beans with a light broth and salsa verde around it. A very good dish but I think I could have done the lobster spaghetti. Maybe next time.

Dessert (C$12)

For dessert, a corn cake filled with pastry cream, topped with whipped cream and swerved with a blueberry sauce and some crunchy bits. The cake had a slightly crispy exterior and a creamy inside. Not too sweet.

A good dinner. I will have to try the lobster spaghetti here or at Joe Beef next time if I can get a reservation.