Montreal Chinese Crepes and Dumplings

We visited this new place in Montreal-Ouest, last saturday. It’s one of two new jianbing places that have opened in the last few weeks. The other being La Cabane de Danny in Chinatown 1.

It’s a tiny place with only counter service and few stools for those who want to eat in. The menu is short: jianbing, dumplings and a couple of sides like spring rolls. We ordered two fried chicken jianbing and sweet and spicy beef dumplings. I have only had jianbing in Montreal so my experience is limited, but my friend has had them all over Northern China. When talking to the lady making them, she told us that these were Dalian style. The crepe was very thin and they were topped with fried wonton skins and the chicken, of course.

The jianbing were good. Tasty and crispy, and not at all greasy. It was the best I’ve had in town. My friend said they were as good as anything she’s had in China. The dumplings did not get the same raves. The filling was delicious, but they were a bit doughy. I would get them again, though.

Overall, this place is great and deserves a visit. The owners are super friendly and helpful and the food is delicious. Unfortunately, the location is really far for me, but I’m sure i’ll find an excuse to get out there again soon.

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