Montana -- Bozeman, Helena, and West Glacier

Zivbend – re Steve’s inHelena, what. time did you go/day of the week? It makes a huge difference here in the Capital of the Free World, adn a 30 minute wait would be a deal killer for me

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Please let us know what and where you ended up at and how it was!

Had you ever been to Point of Rocks near Olney? Miss it.

MTS - will do! I think Ive been to Point of Rocks, but years ago


Great! We may be able to get there.


Livingston is a great little town! Gil’s opposite the train station used to be one of my favorite pizza places in the state, but it was only ok last month. Disappointed since it was really good in 2022.

2022 version.

2024 version.

I had a smothered burrito and excellent ales at Katabatic Brewing. Both were outstanding earlier this year. I think Katabatic gets their food from Fiesta en Jalisco next door, so this is a shout out to both of them.

Mark’s In and Out has very good burgers that actually taste like beef. Good fries.

Matt’s Old Fashioned Deli has outstanding elk and buffalo jerky, not sure about the sandwiches.

The Murray Hotel mentioned in the article is phenomenal! The elevator is old, slow and hand operated so the stairs are most peoples path upstairs. Love this place!
They upgraded me last time! Woohoo!

Argh, my photo uploads are failing. That is the Lamar above, i think.

Mark’s again, I think.


Wonderful. Maybe I should let Nancy go on to Glacier National Park while I stay in Livingston and eat.

Then again, maybe not.


Glacier Park is gorgeous. Definitely don’t miss it!

Lots of Huckleberry everything in Glacier Park gift shops and restaurants nearby.

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Nice selection of Montana-made jams, jellies and sauces here.

My family in Saskatchewan makes many of the same jams and jellies, such as chokecherry.

And the very first of the Flathead Valley cherries are arriving this week! Supposedly.
We had a brutal cold snap in January and a lot of the cherry trees were damaged and the ones that are producing are producing less, and a little late. So these might be Washington state Rainiers, but they are good!
So huckleberries and cherries!


I miss Montana.