Monmouth Cty recommendation for this Sat (11/14)

OK its a little late but looking for an indoor recommendation for this Saturday night. NOT BYO. Want to stay in Monmouth county (I live in Fair Haven)…really wanted to go to Gabriellas but can’t get an indoor table. Any other ideas? Was thinking of One Willow ? (I used to go alot when it was Joe Amiels…haven’t been there since Tramas took over/left).

What about the new Nicholas? We haven’t been but have heard it is good.

I’ve been trying to get a table there since they opened but unless you want to eat at 9:00 or later they are pretty much booked until next year…

Yikes. Sorry about that!

No worries…I commented on one of their instagram posts and they told me “keep trying”…thanks but I’ll wait.

Albariño In Shrewsbury perhaps?


Yes I think that may be the option. I like it there very much…going out for my birthday and went there last year.

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Just tagged you on @seal 's post re: a BRUNCH res at Nicholas that he can’t use…

Thanks yes he messaged me earlier. Really appreciate the offer but there are 4 of us going out for my bday. I think we will probably do Albariño.

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Enjoy! I think that’s a great choice—I actually had one of my birthday dinners there early this year. :blush:

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Call New Nicholas at 3:00 and ask for two seats at the bar (if it’s just two of you). Eating at the bar is more fun anyways and that’s how they reserve them.

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Oh. It’s 4 people. Never mind. (we’re going to Anjelica’s)

Nice love Anjelica’s (but I’m in a cocktail mood so BYO is out). I was thinking about the bar at Nicholas (and a few other places) with the new restrictions Murphy put in place…guess they won’t be able to seat people there any more.


Gabriella’s has quickly risen to one of my local favorites. My first couple of visits after they opened were a mixed bag, though overall positive so it kept me coming back. My last 3 visits, all outdoors since covid have been very good. Their food seems to have improved across the board, and as far as outside dining it was as comfortable as you can expect. Too bad it’s off the list.

I too will give a thumbs up for Albarino, while I have been there to dine in, I’ve gotten take out several times and the food is very good.

Regarding Nicholas I’ve heard mostly mixed reviews but NO truly fantastic. My daughter went and was rather disappointed saying the pizza was barely better than Domino’s. I’ve heard the burger is good, but I would save the $5. menu price and $ .50 in gas and just go to The Pour House for a good burger.

You have Patricia’s of Holmdel who has a large space and if you like Gabriella’s it’s same ownership or partners. You might want to give it a try, I have a few times and I have no complaints. (just loud & crowded when full capacity) You can also give Garigulio’s a try in Tinton Falls, I only went on opening night and it was a mixed bag, but it was opening night and the food was good.


Thanks very much…forgot about Gargiulo’s…haven’t heard much about them since they first opened. Love Patricia’s but don’t want BYO.

Hahahaha totally forgot Patricia’s was byob!

Government mandated dining bubbles. Cool.


NP…stupid NJ liquor laws grrrr

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How is the new mandate about bar seating going to effect that? The way I read it briefly the other day I thought that was done.

It won’t…just a whimsical take on how odd it is to see the phrase “dining bubble” on an executive order.