Monmouth County restaurant status

Here is the current status of restaurants in Monmouth County. Anyone tried take-out from any of them. Recommendations? We’re about to start trying some. Getting tired of home cooked.

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for any of you on FB and in Monmouth/Ocean county or who are fans of spots there (most of us here on the NJ board)- there’s a pretty active group where patrons and owners participate “Curb Side Pick up Monmouth County”. It’s a public group and has a ton of posts about spots/specials and has a few lists as well.

Hi. I just looked on fb. I don’t see it.

just copied the name from FB group page- try searching this:

Curb Side Pick Up Monmouth County

Great resource @Metsfan86


Th e APP article is useless to those of us north of Red Bank. Aberdeen/Matawan has one place listed–Papa Ganache! Useless!

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I got some takeout from JinLi yesterday. Among other things asked for their mapo tofu extra spicy and holy cow did they deliver. One of the best mapos I’ve had in a long time.

They are doing some super lockdown food processing. They keep their door locked and will only open up to bring food outside. They have menus set outside and will ask you to call to order. No contact on delivery, they will bring it out to your car or just set it down for you to grab.