Monmouth County NJ residents - Will you go?

I’m not sure where they got this idea from:

This idea is circulating all over the country… a friend who founded what is now a major film festival has been working on it for a few months, so I guess I’ve paid more attention to it than I normally would. Evidently concert promoters are also looking at its potential for ‘live’ shows by major bands.

I’m not a movie freak, so I’m not missing going to the movies, but I do fondly recall going to the drive-in as a kid (as in, I first saw Grease in our local drive-in IN MY JAMMIES–you do the math). That said, what happens when someone needs to use the bathroom?


A friend asked me what I thought was going to be the hottest product for the post-virus world. I thought for a while and said, “Depends.”


I’m not personally familiar with the park they are using but if they don’t have rest room facilities I’m sure they will have port-a-potty’s available.

@seal once we are allowed out I would probably go to this, not because I’m a big movie guy but more to just get the f*ck outta the house.

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Meh. I’m a big movie guy but I prefer watching them at home unless its something that absolutely needs to be seen on the big screen (i.e. 1917).

However, a campy B horror movie might be fun. Depends on the price. With little overhead, minimal employees needed to direct traffic, and no concessions to order, the only cost here is the rights to show the film (provided they already own the land). Hopefully they don’t take advantage of people’s desperation to leave the house.

The last time I went to the drive in we took the kids to see “The Neverending Story” which was followed by the 2nd Conan which I wanted to see. We figured the kids would be asleep by the 2nd feature but of course- no. So…they saw the whole thing - severed heads & all & all that summer wanted to go see “Conak” again.

Anyway, I have a big van if anybody wants to sneak into the drive in.


I’ve been to the one in Warwick, NY a couple times. I only went so my (then) young niece and nephew could experience it. They are fun for the novelty, but overall not my preferred way of seeing a movie.

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Nice try Joe!! I fell for this twice already, once they offered me candy and the second time I was supposed to be helping them look for a lost puppy! lol

My last time at a drive-in movie was in Aruba about 15 years ago. They had a drive in and my kids had never seen one before, I can’t tell you what I saw because unbeknownst to me at the time the movie was Venezuelan!


And on a food related note, try to patronize the snack bar if you go to one even if it makes much more sense economically to stop at Shop Rite ahead of time for your goodies. They are overpriced but just like regular movie theaters, they need the revenue from concessions to turn a profit.


We found the puppy Jr


My first job was at a Loew’s drive in when I was fifteen working the snack bar. I loved it, taught me timing cooking multiple items at once.

Yes it was expensive but why do people have to gripe at a teenager for prices set by the mob in Philly, allegedly, not Loew’s but a food service company.

We did churn out some good food if you knew what to order. Popcorn was free for us, right out of the popper.


Where else can you drink, smoke whatever, eat food and get laid, all from the comfort of your car? It took a world wide pandemic to bring back what should have never been killed off (for the most part.)

I plan to buy a super quiet honda gen to power my smoker. I’ll be selling food while I’m there and eating the profits :sunglasses: