Monhegan Island, Maine: question...

We will be back up in Maine later this month. During our visit to mid-coast we booked a ferry to Monhegan Island for the day out of Port Clyde. Question: should we bring our own food, or are the eateries on Monhegan ok?

I’ve been to Monhegan many times. And years ago I had an artist friend in residence there and stayed at herr place upon occasion. There are around 4-7 restaurants, plus stores to buy food (each year may be different) of different levels, mostly mid to low level, all tend to be pricey. I’m not sure if it has changed recently, but you can’t get booze in the restaurants. There is also a brewery, I haven’t been.

I usually, but not always, pack a picnic lunch, cheeses, charcuterie, bread, etc. Don’t pack too heavy a bag since you will be carrying it as you walk/hike around the gorgeous trails around the island. Then pick up beer or a nice cold bottle of white wine or two from the several wine/beer shops on the island. Then picnic at the tables on the small beach in the harbor. Or off of one of the trails. Also while you can get water and other beverages, all prices tend to be higher than expected since all food/drink has to be shipped to the island.

Right by the ferry in Port Clyde are a few decent lobster/clam, and other places to eat. Also ice cream. Make sure you also go to the lighthouse in Port Clyde, famous from many movies, even though it is small, it is the one in Forrest Gump when he runs to the east coast. Good to go to before the ferry to Monhegan. or some other time.


Ah…Monhegan Island. B and I dream of the day that we can return with spring onion. We went in 2009, pre-kid and had a wondrous time. Hiking, checking out artists’ studios, walking around with a cold adult beverage with no cars to worry about, and just basking in the ocean, was glorious. We stayed at the big inn right at the port so we didn’t cook. I seems that I didn’t post on “that other site” but I remember having great, simple meals during our whole stay. There was a place with take-out pizza if I recall that was quite good. Plus, Monhegan Brewery is now set up out there, which is definitely a big draw for us. I saw a segment on a local Boston show, “Chronicle,” that made me and B mentally planning our next trip to Monhegan. Try not to sweat the food options too much. This is Maine at its best.

Last year, we stayed at a house right on Marshall Point in St. George (i just checked my original post and I mistakenly wrote “Mitchell Point.” As JMF above points out, the famous “Forrest Gump” lighthouse is located there (although I don’t remember that). It’s a beautiful spot but a little out-of-the-way if you have a busy itinerary.

So many experiences to share from our spring and summer trips to Maine, but just wanted to talk about our visit to Monhegan Island at this point. First of all, it was a lovely blue sky day. The boat trip out of Port Clyde was fabulous and went smoothly. On two occasions, the ferry captain was kind enough to point out schools of porpoise and seals. It was so exciting to see them churning thru the water…it took about an hour to reach the island.
We went right to the Monhegan Lighthouse when we got there. We had the energy for the climb and the view from that highpoint was awesome! A panoramic picture postcard of the harbor and Manana Island nearby. We lingered for a while…
Food and beverage: We visited Monhegan Brewery Company and enjoyed a flight of their brews on a picnic table in their rustic front yard which is surrounded by stacks of lobster traps. A fun group of women from Augusta shared our table along with bees. Not one bee sting, though. Our personal favorite was the Double IPA. As we waited for the ferry later in the afternoon we sat down at The Barnacle with a view of the pier and ordered a good grilled cheese panini to tide us over. We had dinner reservations waiting for us back in Rockland…


Lovely report. Thanks. Makes me want to visit!

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