Monday upscale lunch without kids (Westchester NY)

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not being as active on the board since baby arrived but I promise I’ll try to update soon. We’ve perfected our takeout rotation so I will report on that soon.

Anyway in the meantime my husband and I have a date day scheduled on Monday and we’d like to have a nice lunch somewhere without the baby and preferably without many kids at all… So somewhere adult oriented, perhaps somewhat quiet/romantic although I know that may be a tall order for lunch. Any ideas? We had a great late dinner at Rivermarket on a recent Saturday but I am thinking I may not love the atmosphere at lunch. Location, I guess within 30 minutes of Ossining. We’ll be in Dobbs Ferry earlier in the day so around there works too.

Thanks in advance!

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Kittle House does lunch and we’ve enjoyed it, although we have only been for HVRW. I doubt there will be any kids there. Iron Vine in Peekskill is good, especially if you’ve never been there, and they’re open for lunch on Monday.

Or maybe Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry since you’ll be there? I’ve never been so I don’t know how the food is but they seem to be popular.

Glad to “see” you!! Le Provençal in Mamaroneck does lunch and should be kid free. Just a thought.

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I troll these other boards even though I’m in NJ :grin:

My recommendation would have been Blue Hill which should be like 20ish minutes from Dobbs Ferry BUT they aren’t open on Mondays or for lunch so I realize my advice isn’t helpful at all. I do like to store away these places for future kid-less dates and this place is not a kid place.

Hope you find somewhere wonderful! My husband and I started a tradition for the past 2 years for Halloween. Drop off kiddo at school, come back for the 10 AM parade, bring her back. Go out for boozy/adult only lunch. Pick her up later and then go trick or treating around the neighborhood. Nice little tradition.

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Kittle House did occur to me. We did a kid free lunch there over the summer and it was really nice. Service was pretty terrible as usual but the meal itself was great and we really enjoyed it. Thanks. And if it’s nice out Half Moon is a great option. The food is average but can’t beat that view.

Thanks! French food sounds good but not sure we want to go to Mamaroneck… It’s a hike. But I wonder if St George in Hastings is open. I’ll have to look. We’ve also wanted to try a French place in Rockland that I have to look at.

Your Halloween tradition sounds awesome. Great idea! Blue Hill actually did occur to me but even if they were open not sure I could convince my husband to go all out like that! Haha

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St. George doesn’t do weekday lunch and they’re closed on Monday. We had a really good meal there once, then went back a second time (both for HVRW) and had a disappointing meal. I had read reviews on Opentable that the chocolate sauce on the profiteroles tasted like Hershey’s syrup and I mentioned it to the owner, who assured me that was not the case. Well, it certainly tasted like it to me, and certainly was not the hot fudge that I had on them the first time. Also, I overheard another server telling customers that they could get the nightly specials on the HVRW menu for a surcharge. Our server never told us that and there was something I would have been interested in paying extra for. We haven’t been back.

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What is the French place in Rockland? Always looking for a new French spot.

I’m not a fan of St. George either. But boy, do I miss Buffet de la Gare!

Alain’s is the name. Looks like they are closed Mondays.

LOL - further than Mamaroneck?? :crazy_face:

I dunno… she’s going to be near the bridge already and it’s not that far once you get to Rockland. More expensive to come back to Westchester. I’ve always wanted to try Alain’s.

So @ieatalotoficecream where did you go?

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We drove to Red Hat in Irvington and they said their patio was closed for lunch. What!!! It was absolutely beautiful out so I was shocked. We left and went to Rivermarket, which is somewhat predictable for us, but we sat on their (less scenic but still nice) patio and had an enormous lunch. My husband was excited because I agreed to the charcuterie platter… he was in heaven with that, and I ordered two delicious cheeses to go with. We also had a salad. For entrees we shared the reuben which was so-so (a little dry and not enough cheese or dressing) and the soft shell crab sandwich-- my first time eating soft shell crab and even though it was weird to me eating the claws I liked it. Dessert was also so-so, which is surprising because usually they excel at dessert- a boozy chocolate cake. The cake came right from the fridge so the buttercream was rock hard and just unappetizing. The layers themselves were dark and delicious, but this was a miss for sure. I also feel like they accidentally put grain alcohol or absinthe or something (I’m joking, but there really was something weird) in my one cocktail because it was EXTREMELY potent in a very bad way. Overall it fit the bill and we will surely be back.

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Oh no!! Although it was still chocolate. We have never been there - is it as crazy expensive as Kittle House?