Monday night pop-ups and specials

Lots of restaurants close on Mondays. Do you know of any interesting pop-ups or specials dishes worth seeking out on Mondays? Any area.

I stopped by Josey Baker pizza in NOPA for their Monday pizza night. Like Cheeseboard, the place was packed and they offer one type of pizza per night. Tonight, it was black olives, mizuna, sea salt, and mascarpone on a thin layer of puréed tomatoes. The crust is the star of the show, and uses the same whole-wheat sourdough used for their bread. The dough’s complex flavors are enriched with the olive oil, sea salt (and garlic powder?) they lather on the rim before baking.

Mid-peninsula, we find our way to the Refuge.

In general, or do they do something special on Mondays?

Jardiniere has their “Monday Night Supper Club” with $55 prix fixe including wine pairings. Sometimes they have guest chefs. (I’ve only been once – when Azalina Eusope was guest chef.)

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They are open, unlike just about any other restaurant in Menlo Park.