Mon dinner - 5/6/7 ieme

Currently in Paris - will do write up when we leave but had excellent meal at Semilla, rue de Seine, Seulement Sea was good not great, Sama (11ieme) great creative lebanese
Utopie for viennoiseries/patisseries/sandwichs - fabulous but no seating and slowish moving line
We’re staying near Luxembourg/Senat - looking for Mon dinner option we can walk to 20 min walk is fine We have already eaten at Maison du Jardin, not fish/seafood as we’re off to Brittany next, husband is pescetarian. Would love Moroccan. Any suggestions please.

If French with many Asian touches interests you, Ze Kitchen Galerie seems to fit your other criteria.

thanks - it looks tempting appreciate the suggestion

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Moroccan: Darkoum on Rue Daguerre, not too far south of Jardin du Luxembourg.

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