Momofuku or not to Momo...

Wondering why Momofuku hasn’t arrived in the UK - at least in London? Anyone heard any rumours?

I just got this in the Lyle’s newsletter:

“This April, we’re flying over Sean Gray and Su Wong Ruiz of Momofuku Ko in NYC to host two dinners at Lyle’s, on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th April. Executive Chef Sean will team up with James and his team to create two one-off menus, and they’re joined by front-of-house superstar Su Wong Ruiz, general manager of Ko.”

No news on anything permanent but I enjoyed watching his new series Ugly Delicious.

Wow this is fortuitous but just looked and it’s a £77 (lucky asian number?!) set menu. no way for me! but maybe it will start something. otherwise, it will have to keep till i’m in toronto. i loved ugly delicious for the most part. was pleased to see him feature toronto so favourably too. are you going to go, lex? (to lyle’s, that is)

I’m tempted, no idea how over subscribed these Lyle’s guest dinners get. The no choice set dinner menu is par for the course at Lyle’s in the evening, although I understand they’re introducing a bit of choice on the new bar menu.

I was hoping to go to New York this year and thought about trying to get into Ko if I can be organised enough. Looking at their website, the set tasting menu is about £182, so this is a steal in comparison!