Momi Nonmi (Cambridge, MA)

We have had several very enjoyable meals at Momi Nonmi recently. The old East by Northeast space is simply decorated and quite cozy. Despite the frequently misused term, Momi Nonmi is probably the closest thing we have to an izakaya we have around here. Service is very knowledgeable and welcoming, and for now at least reservations are reasonably easy to come by.

The sake menu is one of the most thoughtful and impressive I have had. We have discovered some new favorites thanks to Momi Nonmi. Our waiter (Steve) on one visit seemed to head up that program and was extremely informed. Even if you know what you normally like, I would recommend trying their sake flights as each selection is unique and well procured. The descriptions initially seemed overly dramatic but the knowledge is sincere and suitable to the sake offerings.

The menu is compromised of small plates, split among vegetables, sashimi, rice dishes, cooked dishes, tempura and sweets. We focused on the sashimi during both our visits, with additions from the other areas of the menu. There are also nightly black board specials that are a must have for sashimi eaters. Some of our favorites included: Uni Cup (specials menu) is a generous portion of Maine sea urchin, pristinely fresh on our first visit but with the season drawing to a close rather funky recently; Toro Flight (specials) is a treat with one piece each of toro, chu-toro and o-toro; beautifully cut and melt in your mouth; Live Scallop; Mushroom Onigiri; Sea Bream (rose) with daikon and ponzu; the Teppanyaki Loco Moco has a pretty impressive table-side presentation. All of the sashimi dishes and specials are really fantastic, as is most of the menu. The only thing I really would not recommend are the desserts which we regretted finishing with. I don’t remember the details as I have mentally blocked them out, but they were disappointing in both texture and taste. Next time we’ll get an extra Uni cup or desert or walk over to Christina’s.

Overall, it’s great to have Momi Nonmi close by and we will be in regularly. It’s hard to judge the value as the specials (toro flight and uni cup) really drove up the price as we got certain pieces from the flight a la carte to taste them a second time. Also, I drank way too much sake and over ordered. Our bills were on the high side, but I think if one ordered reasonably it would be reasonably priced for the quality of food.


I too had a fantastic experience here recently. Also had the uni special, the 3 tuna special, live scallop. Lovely experience, if a little pricy….

I somehow never wrote up my trip to this place back in January, but I loved the meal that I had there then. It’s a little less pub-like than izakayas I have been to elsewhere, but it’s a great little spot nonetheless. The food and service are really quite excellent.

What’s the noise level like?

Definitely. I just thought for this area it at least nailed some of the atmosphere, food and drink notes. On one of our visits we had an impromptu larger group due to enexpectedly running into friends sitting next to us. With multiple tables intermixing it had that vibe. A bit OT, but interesting, I feel like with the price points and American preference for table dining an izakaya is hard to do around here. Once can always hope though. Cafe Sushi is taking over the space next door and had talked about doing something a bit like that. One can only hope…

What?? Kidding aside, my hearing isn’t that great in atmospheres with high ambient noise and I didn’t notice it to be too loud. It is a small space though, so at full capacity with a lively crowd it could get that way.

oh, man. that would be awesome!

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