Molto Wood Burning Bistro Marlboro

OK, so, Tuscany Catering’s Marlboro location has been renovating what used to be their veggie and fruit section for months now. The rumor was that they were going to open a pizzeria. I found out yesterday that it was more than a pizzeria, more like a sit down and kinda expensive Italian Steakhouse and restaurant.

Still, I had had Tuscany’s pizza way back when they used to make it, and I found their square pie enjoyable and a little different from my usual pie. So I was determined to try the new pizza on opening day - today! They are very close so I thought I would head over during my lunch hour and bring a pie home.

I called and a bored-sounding girl answered. I told her I’d like to order some food that I would pick up. Sorry, she says, we ARE NOT OPEN FOR TAKEOUT YET! I couldn’t help it and burst out laughing. So, no review.



So they forgot to order pizza boxes?


So I am in Tuscany at least 3x a week.
I was told Molto would be open 4/8 , saw their menu last week.
The prices for food other than pizza in a no liquor license restaurant are a bit high.
Do they think they can get $30 for entrees as Cuzins does in the same strip?
Girlfriend has it on her radar for lunch with the girls.
Me I would rather go to Solo Trattoria in Freehold, love his pizza & in over 12 years never a bad meal.
He’s also BYOB.
BTW my go to pizza is Federici’s.


Just checked out the menu. Almost had me at rapini, but the prices do look a bit steep.


So…an Italian/pizza place opened during the pandemic and they’re not doing takeout?? :roll_eyes: Neeeeeeeeeext!


I use to get lunch at Tuscany when my office was on 79, I always enjoyed their food. My last time there over a year ago they had expanded so I guess they repurposed some of that space, not sure I would want to dine there though. Are they just taking the food out of the deli/display cases for takeout and putting it on a plate and in the microwave?? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Not taking food out of the cases if you look at the menu.
No $130.00 steaks in the market.FWIW even though it’s my primary grocery store I am not a fan of their pizza or meatballs. I don’t anticipate Molto as a lunch spot for me.Way too many great lunch spots in Freehold. BTW has anyone ever eaten in Lemon ? Great spot on route 9 in Freehold lunch & dinner Mediterranean style food.


Re lemon, I seem to remember a few posts in here about that spot. Seemed to get good reviews


Here’s the thread about Lemon


I tried calling Molto again for a take out pizza and this time they said “sure.” Great.

There are no size choices and the pies started at $18 and went up to $36 with most pies around $24. I figured for those prices they must be standard size pies. There are no options to add any toppings.

The pickup process was quick and easy.

But when I saw the box I knew I had guessed wrong. These were personal size pies cut into four slices. So, now Molto was putting itself in the same category, price-wise, as Una Pizza in Atlantic Highlands. The proof would be in the tasting so I raced home eager to try it.

My Margarita pie looked like it should with maybe a bit too much sauce, but fresh basil and evoo added after it finished cooking. There was minimal, but some, char. The sauce and cheese were both of good quality and the crust was good, but not make-me-breadsticks-out-of-that good, like Tony’s in AH.

Honestly, who am I to criticize pricing in these days, but I felt ripped off. I thought these prices outrageous when Tony first brought Una Pizza back to NJ, but his food has always been worth it. Molto was pretty good, but not nearly good enough.


Reaffirmed my original position.
Tuscany’s pizza ( his next door pork store) isn’t any great shakes.
Had a decent pizza at Village Maria in the same strip as Asian Market route 79 & Ryan Rd.