Molti on Moody Waltham

What used to be Moody’s Delicatessen, The Backroom and the Pollo Club are now under the umbrella of Molti on Moody.
I visited and had, among other things, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich from the Pollo Club. “Our Crispy Chicken Sandwich with pimento cheese, herb slaw, honey butter, and hot sauce”. Of course they are using the thigh since that’s the best part of a chicken. Using anything else in a crispy chicken sandwich should be illegal. It was spicy, but everything was delicious. The slaw added a nice texture. Even the thin part was perfectly fried.


Clicked through to read your longer review and very glad I did! It all looks and sounds wonderful!


Updated the Lamb Meatball section. tl;dr They were excellent!

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The lamb meatballs sound fabulous!

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