mole coloradito (and other kinds)?

i usually avoid mole because most of what i’ve had is pretty awful. you know what i mean. i also know that there is good mole around the bay area and perhaps even some truly outsanding mole, and i’ve started my research. but today down in LA in culver city i had lunch at this place with several different kinds of mole, most of which i’ve never heard of. i had the mole coloradito on the server’s suggestion and it was delicious. dark dark brick red, nuanced, yes a bit sweet but sensibly so, a little smoky, a nice lingering burn, layers of flavor, a luxurious blanket over a tender whole chicken leg.

now i’m back home, is there anywhere i might look for this specific type of mole? i see the phrases “red mole” around or mole rojo, but this place also had a mole rojo on the menu, so it’s not the same as the coloradito. i find plenty of recipes online but i don’t want to MAKE it (yet at least) i just wanna eat a lot of it. it’s impractical for me to travel beyond san francisco, oakland, berkeley, without a car unfortunately. can anyone steer me towards my new mole muse? and if not the coloradito, what about other kinds of mole besides the commonly found mole negro?

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We think we remember that Tamarindo in Old Oakland serves a couple mole recipes.

Los Moles is a local three-branch mini-chain that offers eight versions of mole.

Their weekend AYCE brunch buffet is a good opportunity to try them all.

Does anyone here ‘age’ their mole like how Enrique Olvera does, similar to how people keep and grow a mother sourdough starter- mole madre?

Colaradita was one option as some Oaxacan restaurants I recently ate at in Madera. Is it a Oaxacan speciality? That’s unfortunately an underrepresented cuisine in the Bay Area.

Best I have personally had is tu meno mole in San Jose.

I once brought back a suitcase from oxaca’s abastos market, ate through it in about 12 months, and know what you mean about the Mike here but beeping great.

Off topic- How did you decide that the mole at Abastos was worth bringing? I asked because when I was traveling in Mexico including Oaxaca, and there were still many mediocre ones to be found, just like here.

I know you don’t want to MAKE it yourself but apparently Nopalito has a jarred version:

At the open air market, there is a woman and a pile of mole. She will give you a sample from the pile(s), you put it in your mouth, you decide whether to take a half kilo it not. There are 10 or so stalls, you can sample everything in an hour or two. A fun hour or two… Highly recommended did experience.

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