Mohonk Mountain House, near New Platz

We just returned from a fabulous stay at Mohonk Mountain House. We’d learned that they had dramatically stepped up their formerly blanc and heavy dining, and that was very true. Examples include –
an appetizer of pea espuma with crab, lobster, and caviar

a very flavorful beef tartare
halibut with comté garlic purée, golden raisins, and a citrus beurre blanc

a nice are strip steak

And much, much more. Even the mashed potatoes were seasoned well and creatively – delicious with mustard at one meal and chiles at another’s well as the usual roasted garlic. A ceviche was nice and spicy, and a bouillabaisse was delicious. Fortunately, we did a lot of hiking so I only gained a little weight.
The resort itself is fabulous. You can read more about the resort – which is fabulous – on may eponymous blog if you like,


so glad to hear this. Mohonk always seemed too pricey given the mediocre food. Looks good!

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Based on our experience, you’d have to pay a whole lot for meals to match the quality of Mohonk.