Mohinga [San Francisco]

Anyone have a favorite place to get mohinga in SF? I recently had some mohinga at a couple places:

Tender Loving Food (SF, Tenderloin)
Really good bowl of mohinga. Flavorful, thick, comforting broth with little bits of fish and a good portion of noodles. Pieces of lemongrass floating around in there. Slice of lime on the side. I had a cold at the time and this hit the spot.

Burma Love (SF, Mission)
Burma Love is the Mission branch of the Burma Superstar empire. Didn’t like this one as much as the one from Tender Loving Food. It’s served as a bowl of soup and noodles, with the hard boiled egg, yellow bean fritters, onions, lemon wedge, cilantro, and chili sauce on the side. Mixed it all together. Not bad but lacking the depth of flavor of the one I had at TLF. Not as chunky either. It had hard boiled egg though which was missing from the TLF version.

I’ve also had it from the Lil Burma cart in the SoMa StrEat Food Park a while ago that was quite good. They’ve since closed the cart and have opened up a restaurant called Golden Burma. Will probably give that a try.


Tender Loving Food

Burma Love


I covered 8 or 9 versions of mohinga in my noodle blog. My first one (at Burmese Kitchen) and the one at Little Yangon stand out in my recollections, but I don’t think I had a bad version.

Great, thanks for the link - that’s a lot of mohinga.

Had the mohinga at Golden Burma and it was good, pretty much as I remembered from the Lil Burma cart, even down to the disposable plastic bowl. Kind of like a smaller version of the mohinga from Tender Loving Food but less thick and chunky.

Mohinga ($10). There is an egg in there underneath:

Also had some samosas ($5):

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