Moe's (Middletown, NJ)

Anyone eat here yet? Again, the Facebook groups/pages had been going apeshit over the arrival of this place. Justin and I stopped in the other day just for a snack. We split the two taco meal. It was $7.99 and came with chips and salsa. Size was pretty small and while the quality of the chicken is better than Chipotle, I can’t say it is much of a deal. There are real Mexican restaurants that charge less per taco and give you more and better ingredients.

As for how they wrapped it, they literally laid the soft taco down on foil, put on the requested ingredients and just folded it half. It was then handed to the next person who placed it upside down in the tray. Talk about a mess! The employee coordination needed some work, which is understandable given how new they are, but some of them were just flat out awkward!

They have a salsa bar which is decent and I give them props for making their own tortilla chips (you can see them frying them). I am not much of a fast food guy at all, but is this place overall better than Chipotle? I don’t know. Certainly light years ahead of Taco Bell, but cat food is ahead of Taco Bell.

No pics because it was too messy to grab my phone once I opened the foil.

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I wrote a response to this and then realized I was talking about Wahoo’s which we went to a week or two ago. (Sidebar: that was pretty positive and fun. Nice to have a casual option with a bar. And one of the owners stopped by to ask how things were.)

There is a Moe’s in Jersey City that I went to a few times. I would eat here again in a pinch but Chipotle is better.

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We prefer Moe’s (Marlboro) to Chipotle (East Brunswick). Chipotle was too quick putting, for example, red sauce on before I could ask for green. And they as a corporation have had a lot of health problems.

I think Queso in Lincroft is better than either, though the burrito is usually only lukewarm when it arrives.

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I miss Baja Fresh.


Pretty sure we still have one on Rt 66 just west of the Asbury Circle-in the strip where Starbucks and Harmon are.


The Applebee’s Plaza?

No, the one with 5 Guys.

ETA: Oops, I guess there is an Applebees in the same plaza.

We have been going to Moe’s in Middletown every couple of months before our Middletown library book discussion. The bowls have always been tepid by the time we sat down, but this last time they had also discontinued the grilled mushrooms, changed the grilled onions to grilled onions and peppers, and (it seems to us) cut down on the portion size. Oh, and the pickled jalapenos are in big slices instead of cut to match the other items in size.

I think we will be looking for a new place along Route 35. The bowling alley Taiwanese Chinese would be good, except they close between 2 and 5, and we need to eat about 4. We tried Wahoo’s once on weren’t keen on that. (Boston Market used to be our regular place for years before it closed.) Maybe Pueblo Magico?

I still have not been to Pueblo, but people seem to love it. If you enjoy Moe’s is there a reason you have not done the Chipotle in Holmdel?

Actually, we had tried it a while back, but found Moe’s better at the time. (One thing I remember at Chipotle’s was they were too quick to throw stuff on the burrito that you might not want–like the red sauce instead of the green. That may have been just one person, though.) But good suggestion, since we go right by it.

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