Modine a new venture from Talula's in Asbury

I’ll give this a shot…


I had a preview meal one night at Talula’s. I had the frogmore stew, hopping John, hush puppies. Sampled a couple of drinks. All was good, just looked at the full menu I will definitely pay them a visit


@NotJrvedivici since my wish is your command, can you please add the name of the restaurant at the front of this subject line so people will be able to search for it once they’re up and running? It’s Modine. Thank you!



'nuther one:

Asbury Park’s newest restaurant, Modine, opens Jan. 5 via @asburyparkpress

Andrea Clurfeld’s review of Modine. Also, a brief comment about Marcus Samuelsson’s new restaurant in Newark (not good).


We went last night, sat at the bar.

Deviled eggs were great, I had had them before at Talula’s pop up dinner a while back.
My wife got the hush puppies which she loved.
My wife started to order the fried chicken but was told they were out, so she just got one of the biscuits and loved that as well.

I got the beef tenderloin with beets and bone marrow, excellent.

So back to the fried chicken, we were told they were out, but we saw a person who came in much after us get the fried chicken. And while we were seated at the bar, an employee who was off duty arrived and the manager came over to tell him they held some fried chicken for him.
So that left a bad taste in our mouths and my wife will be reaching out to the owners.

Drinks: I had a gin drink, don’t recall the name which was outstanding and had the Modine sour which I liked as well.

Will def go back before the summer as I anticipate this place being packed all the time. It was busy for a Thursday night in the winter


Went with family last night. The menu is extremely limited. We had checked the menu on line and were disappointed that it wasn’t the same. I had crab cake, Monticello Salad and biscuit. Crab cake was nothing special but the salad was excellent. A big hit with all were the Smoked Trout Deviled Eggs. We ordered a second plate. Two had the Pulled Pork Sandwich and one liked it and one didn’t. They don’t yet have the Kids Menu so they had Hush Puppies and Mac and Cheese. The waitress said that they will be starting brunch in a couple weeks and that the menu in the future will reflect seasonal items.

We will definitely go back when they have a larger menu. One issue which is always a problem in Asbury Park is the parking. The parking garage was closed so we had to circle around for street parking. And that will get worse as the weather warms up.

Was going to head there tonight, but due to menu still being limited, it was hard to get the group to agree to go. We ended up at Talula’s instead, so still supporting them!

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The menu online at the time was for the lunch counter which they will launch at a later date.

The correct menu is now online as well as the brunch menu for when they start offering brunch.

And I just saw an IG post from them saying their new Happy Hour/Bar Food menu launches tonight, so they’re getting there…

The online menu and the onsite menu when we were there were not the same. They seem to have changed since were there on the 12th.

Based on what I heard this weekend, Modine is still getting its legs…kinks in the online reservation system, fried chicken that was overly smoked (prior to frying), the best collards my friend has ever eaten, and EXCELLENT biscuits. Sounds like management is aware of the issues and truly working to correct them. POINTS FOR HOSPITALITY

I’m going to give them a little more time before I try it.

Interesting…are they smoking chickens and then flash frying them, or are they smoking them and then battering them before they fry it? Hopefully I read your post correctly lol. Either way, smoked and fried chicken are both in my wheelhouse :slight_smile:

All I know is they’re smoked and then fried… sorry!

Today’s print edition of The Star Ledger has a review of Modine. I tried to access it on line to post it here, but wasn’t able to find it.

Well now having been three times I can say that the quality went down after the first visit. The deviled eggs are still advertised as smoked trout but the last tow times they were regular deviled eggs and we pointed it out the second time to the waiter and never got an answer.
The eggs themselves looked like some of the ones I feel at home and not something that should make the plate in restaurant.

I had the shrimp and grits at brunch and it was ok, drinks were excellent.
They do a version of a bourbon milk punch that has a peanut butter taste, I could drink a lot of those.

My last dinner there I had the sous vide beef shank, 24 hours and andvertised as fall off the bone. The taste was good but probably could have gone another 24 hours as it was def not fall off the bone.

I don’t think we will be returning other than for drinks at the bar unless they manage to get their act together

Interesting…I’ve heard completely mixed commentary from everyone I know who has been. I haven’t gotten there yet, as I keep going back to Reyla (their next door neighbor) every chance I can! Hopefully they’ll get their act together before the summer crowds start arriving. In May.

His food is awful. Always has been. I remember when Swedish business associates used to drag me to Akavit in the 80s. We all came away remarking you could get better Swedish food in the cafe at Ikea.

Emma Bengtsson is a different story.