Modification in the forum software: bugs or real changes?

Since the last upgrade, it seems that I couldn’t “unlike” a post I have “liked” days before. Or this bug applys only to me?

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Another observation, we cannot see in a post summary, all the members that have contributed any more. For example, WFD this month:

The users count is not correct.

It only shows the frequent posters, which made searching a certain non frequent poster’s post impossible.

The image zoom seems to have been disabled for new posts.

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I just liked and unliked your post on the subject.

You can when you do it instantly, but something I liked yesterday, I cannot undo it today. Try it yourself.

Can’t help any further, I’m not that fickle.

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Usually, I don’t really need this feature, but we use it to vote something (by liking), (and I have voted twice) and now this can be a problem.

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There is a feature called ‘rebake posts’ in the software that’s basic housekeeping /cleanup, etc. I know I need to run it later in the week to for sure solve the thumbnail issue (caused by a faulty 3rd party plugin installed last week which has since been removed and issue fixed yesterday evening). It may or may not solve the other issues you brought up. if it doesn’t, we may have to file a bug report with the developers.

Thanks for flagging.


Thumbnail issue for recent posts fixed.

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The developers are already working on this bug:


Thanks a lot, that’s the most important bug among all the issues.

I think emojis are broken (at least for me).

Me too.

They’re working for me (Google Chrome). :stuck_out_tongue:

We just updated the software to take advantage of the developer’s frequent poster bug fix. Yay.

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