Moderne Barn, Armonk NY – Seriously?

Went to Moderne Barn for dinner last night. My issue here is not with the food. But the prices – are you kidding me? We had 2 drinks each, one calamari appetizer, one filet mignon (I will grant you it was an Allen Brothers filet) that came with NOTHING. A sauce for the steak and a side of broccoli rabe were extra, and we had a pesto flatbread. The bill before tip you ask? $167.51. I kid you not. So why? Was the food great – no. It was tasty and good but nothing special. The place is gorgeous. But worth $167? Nope. Was the service great? Hell no. It was ok – service with a smile but nothing I would not get in a diner. We were handed menus the minute we sat down and asked what kind of water we wanted. DH got a tiny club soda and I got tap – warm tap served in a beautiful bottle. The table obviously wobbled and we had to ask to get that taken care of. Oh, I almost forgot. We were seated at a table where my side was shared with other tables with a little pillow between. Everytime the person next to me got up (which was man) I got hit by a coat or a butt. Then we lost our server for a bit and when she finally came back she wanted to take our food orders. I said – can we have a drink first? They really try to rush you to order. The table next to use kept turning the waiter away who wanted their order. They wanted to enjoy their meal.

Let me end by saying that I feel ripped off, taken advantage of. This place was packed. Armonk is a rich town, but I can’t believe diners fall for this crap. Thanks for letting me vent. Bye Moderne Barn. Oh, one caveat – this place used to be a furniture store called Yellow Barn or something. We bought our coffee table there, so the renovation is truly amazing. But that was the best thing I’ve gotten there!!!

Thanks for the rant, Gwenn. I never found it that bad, but have not been in a while…

Their website is fairly specific about prices and charges for addons.

Yes , they are. Doesn’t make the pill any easier to swallow. If the food and service were stellar, maybe. But it was far from it.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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