Moby's - Highlands

Recent grad daughter is now officially employed, so we went to a little congratulatory dinner on her last night before the rest of her life. Moby’s was her choice, so off we went. Solid meal, other than my knucklehead son ordering the lobster roll (not a good choice here if you are expecting a classic lobster roll with chunks lobster meat). Lots of raw stuff…clams and oysters, and some steamers. Steamers were excellent, Clams and oysters on the large side but we were okay with that as the young ladies at the raw bar let us know prior. Sofstshell crab sandwich was excellently fried, served on a cheapo hamburger bun with tartar sauce. The cheapo bun was actually perfect as it didn’t detract from the crab. All in all a solid meal 02


Great place to grab a couple of beers / drinks and enjoy either raw or fried seafood. Spent many an afternoon’s out there enjoying just that. Congrat’s to your daughter!!

Tom any clue how much the 19.99 portion of steamers came in at? (Or a guess)

These things are sky rocketing lately.

And yes, congrats on the graduation :slight_smile:

2 small mesh bags (a half order is one mesh bag, lol). No clue on weight, but I’d guess in total about 2 dozen decent size steamers. Maybe a little more. Last price I saw at the Belford Co-op was 6.99/lb.

Congrats on her getting a job!! :slight_smile:

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That’s actually a really good price considering what the restaurants are charging.