Mizu shingen mochi/ rain drop/ breast implant cake in the Bay Area

An invention from Japan- its not actually a cake, but a shiny, transparent blob of a dessert that uses water and agar and looks like a big rain drop (or maybe breast implant). Darren Wong imported it to Brooklyn. Now I was told Moo Bar in Santa Clara has it. I will probably swing by when I get a chance to give it a try. Its said to just melt in your mouth literally.

(Image from Huffington Post)

If you have tried it before-

  • do you like it?
  • where did you get it?

I hope you find a chance to try it and report back. Is it usually flavored, or just slightly sweetened with kinako and whatever the sauce is for flavor? Agar has a much higher melting point than gelatin, so it doesn’t melt at body temperature and won’t literally melt in your mouth. But I suppose if the chef balances the proportion right it could be very delicate indeed and not the firm, crumbly texture agar jells can have.

I think it is either not flavored or very lightly flavored with sugar. The taste comes from the stuff on the side. The thing is supposed to be interesting or overhyped for its texture.

Maybe its a good way to get little kids to drink more water in the summer. ‘Look- funny water!’

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If you watch decocookie’s YouTube channel, she makes tons of this kind of thing. They’re all pretty funny, but I wouldn’t actually call it “food.”