Mitsuwa Blue fin tuna show, Edgewater NJ - 7/27 - 28

Hey folks,

In case anyone is into this sort of thing, they are bringing in whole blue fin tuna to Mitsuwa this weekend. You can buy any part of the fish, including scraps for “cheap” that you normally can’t get anywhere else. It’s an absolute madhouse but a really good time, and for not too much money you can absolutely gorge yourself on toro.

Here’s a video I found of a previous event if you want to see what it’s like.

One disclaimer: Although I saw the sign up at Mitsuwa when I went last week, I am unable to find any online information regarding this event.


This looks fun but too busy! Is the tuna previously frozen?

As much as I’d like to go to the fish market in Tokyo (I forget the name), and this might be the closest I can come. This weekend is way too busy.


I really enjoyed watching that video! Thanks, Joon!

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Not sure if it’s frozen or not. It’s an absolute madhouse in there on the tuna show days.

For those not familiar with Edgewater, it’s a madhouse on weekends regardless of any tuna making an appearance. Heavily developed in recent years because of its proximity to Manhattan. Except for Hoboken, I can’t think of a place in NJ I try more to avoid.